Kumbo council : leaders in Transparent Governance.

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Publié initialement le 20 Sept. 2017

Kumbo council : leaders in Transparent Governance.

Out of the 34 councils that make up the North West region, 31 competed in category III and the Kumbo council of the Bui Division proved its maturity in appropriating the tools put at their disposal by the National Community Driven Development Program (PNDP) to facilitate the management of their council area. The council stood out as the best in the region following the competition organized within the framework of the third phase of the PNDP programs. 31 council areas participated in the competition and the Kumbo Council was ranked frst with a score of 42 points out of 50 in the Performance Desk index. The council obtained atotal of 10 points in the management of council budget which entails the proper use of the SIM_ba software, execution of the budget, and power to mobilize income both from within and without the municipality, 16 points in governance and transparency judging from the number of council sessions held and percentage investment of projects from the Council Development Document (CDD), and finally the council obtained 16 points on the level of appropriation of the different tools put at their disposal by PNDP. Here, focus was to find out how the operational PNDP projects, the implementation of endogenous solutions and the usage of the software package (Pro-ADP) were put in place by the councils.

The Bafut council in the Mezam Division for instance scored 17 points on the appropriation of the tools put at their disposal by PNDP, one point better than the Kumbo council but on the management of council budget, they were far below. On their part the Mbiame council in the Bui division scored 11 in management of budget, better than all the other councils of the region but was dragged behind by their lower score in the section of Governance and Transparency. By winning the first price in category III councils in the North West Region, the Kumbo council takes home the sum of FCFA 50 Million to finance micro project within the municipality. This amount owing to the objectives of the Performance Desk will amplify and impulse transformation and local development within the council area. Worthy of note is the fact that the selection was done by a neutral team of competent experts who toured the Regions, collected and analyzed data before results were published. The ceremony to hand over the price to the Kumbo Council as well as to other beneficiaries took place in Yaoundé on the 19th of September 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in the presence of the National Coordinator of the PNDP, Marie Madeleine Nga.
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