Appel d'offre MOGODE ANG

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Appel d'offre  MOGODE ANG

Financing: FFU HTVA amont, BIP 2017 TVA amont / PNDP

1. Purpose of the Invitation to Tender
The Government of the Republic of Cameroon is implementing, with the support of its technical and financial partners, the Territorial Development Program, well known by its French acronym as PRODAT, in the northern regions of the country. The said program is aimed at enhancing, on the one hand, the target councils’ local economy through the construction and/or rehabilitation  of socio-economic infrastructure stemming from the Territorial Development Program (PRODAT) and contributing, on the other hand, to the (re)-insertion   of unemployed youths. It is worth noting that PRODAT is focused on creating sustainable employments in the northern part of Cameroon which is both affected by the severe climatic conditions and the prevailing insecurity due to the terrorist attacks. In order to attain that objective, the National Community-driven Development Program (PNDP) had, since November 2015, engaged in a Labor-intensive approach (HIMO) with a view to carrying out works provided for in the Councils’ Development Plans backed by PRODAT. Within the framework of phase 1 of the said approach (HIMO 1), PNDP has undertaken to hire an International Nongovernmental Organization tasked with managing the socio-occupational component as concerns the implementation of the said project. The specific objectives of this project are geared towards:

  • Providing support to councils with regard to the realization of Labor-intensive based micro projects (HIMO) under PRODAT and according to the rules and procedures enforced at PNDP
  • Contributing to the creation of sustainable jobs for the unemployed youths in the northern zone; more specifically by laying emphasis on the skilled and unskilled local manpower living in the vicinity of the project site;
  • Building the capacities of beneficiaries through vocational training and socio-occupational (re)-insertion;
  • Setting up a system aimed at ensuring the safety of agents on the worksites.

Phase II of the Labor-intensive project, dubbed HIMO II, draws on the pilot experimentation conducted by PNDP under HIMO I and based on C2D/AFD’s financing towards the six (6) councils selected beforehand in the Far-North Region. In contrast, Phase II of (HIMO II) operation will cover at most twenty-five (25) councils, each of which dwelling on a specific project.Funding for projects on these municipalities will be done through two (02) funders: European Union Fudic Emergency Funds (FFU) for 20 municipalities and C2D II funds for the other 05 municipalities.

It has been agreed upon, with the French Development Agency (AFD), that PNDP’s contribution with regard to the implementation of PRODAT shall be made through a Labor-intensive Approach (HIMO).
This Tender file has been issued with a view to selecting a service provider for the performance of the construction of an artificial pond with a drilling equiped by a solar energy pump at the locality of Baba Deli, at the MOGODE council.

This Invitation to Tender has been drawn up following the Call for expression of interest published on 21 April, 2017 in Cameroon Tribune.

2. Consistency of works

The works subject to this contract comprise the following: excavation for the construction of sedimentation and water storage facilities, drilling and construction of a storage tank and the construction of water schemes trough the high intensity of Manuel labor.

3.  Compulsory visit at the work site
Enterprises wishing to take part in this Call for consultation are hereby called upon to visit the proposed work site in order to be able to appraise, based on their sole responsibility, the nature and complexity of the works to be performed. Such a visit must be compulsory.

4. Estimated cost.
The estimated cost of the operation following the prior studies carried out: 231 000 000 (Deux Cent Trente-un millions) FCFA.

5. Participation and origin
Participation in this Invitation to tender shall be restricted to:


Entreprises présélectionnées


Adresse complète




TĂ©lĂ©phone : +237 677 21 60 44




B.P : 14533 YaoundĂ©, TĂ©l. : 677 95 88 71 e-mail




B.P : 378 Douala, TĂ©l. : 691 905 671




B.P : 350 Maroua TĂ©l. : 699 47 65 60/675 49 92 12 e-mail :

6. Financing
Works to be carried out under this Invitation to Tender shall be financed by FFU’s fundsunder the2017 financial year for the out TVA amont, and BIP 2017 for the TVA amont.
7. Provisional guarantee
Under pains of being rejected, each bidder shall be called upon to attach to his/her administrative documents, a bid bon duly issued by a first-ranked bank authorized by the Ministry in charge of finances, the list of which features in document N0. 12 of the Tender File. Its amount shall stand at FCFA Four millionssix hundred and twenty thousand (4 620 000) and shall be valid for a period of thirty (30)days beyond the validity deadline as per bidders that have not been retained. In the event a bidder has been awarded a contract, the provisional guarantee shall be released after the deposit of the final guarantee.

8. Consultation of the Tender File
The Tender File may be consulted, during working hours,at the National Coordination Unit of PNDP, located in Yaounde, Nouvelle Route Bastos, opposite formerUNDP, at a distance of 100 meters from the main entrance, P.O Box 660 Yaounde, Phone N0s: 222 21 36 64, Fax : 222 21 36 63, E-mail :, as from the publication of this notice.

9. Acquisition of the Tender File
The file may be obtained, during working hours, from the National Coordination Unit of PNDP, located at Yaounde, Nouvelle Route Bastos, opposite formerUNDP, at a distance of 100 meters from the main entrance, P.O Box 660 Yaounde; Phone N0s: 222 21 36 64, fax: 222 21 36 63, E-mail: upon publication of this notice, against payment of a non-refundable amount of FCFA 100,000 (One hundred thousand) accounting for the file acquisition fees into the account N0.  335 988 opened in the following 12 BICEC agencies under the name "Compte SpĂ©cial CAS ARMP" (ARMP’s Special Account).  These are: Yaounde, Douala Bonanjo, Buea, Ebolowa, Dschang, Ngaoundere, Maroua, Limbe, Bafoussam, Bamenda, Garoua and Bertoua Central Agencies.

10. Admissibility of offers
Offers deposited after the official date and hour duly indicated in the tender file shall be declared irreceivable at the opening session. The offer which shall be drafted in seven (07) copies consisting of one « original Â» and six « copies Â» as per each component, shall be forwarded to the NCU in separated, sealed and duly stamped envelopes as follows:
Envelope A: «Administrative File Â»
Envelope B: « Technical Offer Â»
Envelope C: « Financial Offer Â»

10.1. Administrative File
The documents in the administrative file must be submitted in originalsor in certified true copies by the issuing service or the competent administrative authority. Such documents must be dated less than three (03)months oldor must have been established after the date of signature of the invitation to tender notice.

Any offer deemed non-compliant with the prescriptions of this notice and those of the Tender File shall be declared irreceivable. More specifically, the absence of a bid bond issued by a first-ranked Bank duly authorized by the Ministry in charge of Finances shall result in the outright rejection of the offer.

10. 2. Technical Offer
The bidder shall be required to transmit the documents to PNDP:

    • A executionworks methodology;
    • A report on the works site visit;
    • The enterprise’s similar references;
    • A list of the enterprise’s personnel;
    • A list of the enterprise’s equipment;
    • A financial capacity ;
    • Special Technical Conditions ; and
    • Comments (optional).

10.3. Financial Offer
The bidder shall be required to forward the following documents to PNDP:

    • The submission ;
    • The Unit-price List (UPL) ;
    • The Estimated Quantitative Detail (EQD) ; and
    • The unit price sub-detail.

11. Submission and opening of bids
Each bid, drafted in English and French in seven (7) counterparts, one of which being the original and six (06) copiesmarked as such, shall be deposited at the National Coordination Unit of PNDP, door N0. R08, located at Yaounde, Nouvelle Route Bastos, opposite formerUNDP, at a distance of 100 meters from the main entrance ; P.O Box 660 Yaounde ; phone : 222 21 36 64, fax : 222 21 36 63, e-mail : latest on 24 AUGUST 2017 at 12:00 noon, local time and must bear the following mention:

« National Restricted Invitation to Tender Notice in urgency procedure N0. 025/AONR/MINEPAT/SG/PNDP/CSPM/2017 of 2nd august 2017 in view to perform the construction works of an artificial pond and a solar-energy operated drilling at the Baba Deli locality, in the Mogode Council, MAYO TSANAGA Division, and Far-North Region Â»

Bids shall be opened in one phase on 24 AUGUST 2017 at 01:00 p.m., local time,by PNDP’s Special Tender Board at the conference hall of PNDP’s National Coordination Unit.

Furthermore, for simplification purposes, contracting firms that so wish may be called upon to deposit their submissions at the Regional Coordination Unit of the submissions at the Regional Coordination Unit of the  Far-North ( Maroua), latest within the four (04) days following the above-mentionned deadline.

Only bidders may attend this bid-opening session or be represented by a duly mandated person of their own choosing. The said representative shall be expected to have a perfect command of the file.

12. Execution deadline
The maximum deadline provided for by the Project Owner to perform works shall not exceed six (06) months, as from the date of notification of the instructions to commence the said works.

13. Evaluation and evaluation criteria

13.1. Evaluation
PNDP’s Special Tender Board shall be called upon to examine offers with a view to ascertaining whether they are complete, if the required guarantees have been met, if the documents have been drafted in compliance with the Tender File’s requirements, if they contain calculation errors and if submissions are, broadly speaking, in good order. The potential calculation errors shall be corrected on the following basis:

    • In the event of a calculation error, the total price shall be corrected based on the unit price;
    • In the event of mismatch between the price in words and the one in figures, the price in words shall prevail;

Evaluation and comparison of offers
The Special Tender Board placed under PNDP shall be required to set up a bids-Evaluation Sub-Committee which will be tasked with evaluating and comparing offers. The said Sub-Committee shall, first of all, ascertain that such offers are, significantly, in compliance with the requirements stated in this invitation to tender. Such evaluation shall rule out and shall not take into consideration any price-variation clause inserted into the submission.
Offers shall be evaluated in two steps as follows:
* The technical evaluation, and 
* The financial evaluation

13.2. Evaluation criteria
These criteria aim to eliminate and to carry out a technical evaluation of bidders.

13.2.1 Eliminatory criteria
The non-compliance with the tender file’s prescriptions shall result in the rejection of the bidder’s offer, especially where the following dysfunctions are noticed:

  • Absence of the bid bond;
  • False declaration or forged document ;
  • Non-submission of the report on the work site visit;
  • Non-compliance with the 70% of the main criteria;
  • Absence of a quantified unit price.

13.2.2 Main criteria
Criteria relating to the qualification of candidates shall eventually dwell on:

  • The overall presentation;
  • The technical reference;
  • The methodological note;
  • The duly signed execution schedule of works;
  • The duly signed planning of supplies ;
  • The means/resources in terms of the enterprise staff;
  • The means/resources in terms of materials and equipment ;
  • The Presence of the 2016 annual burden Plan according to the pattern;
  • The Financial Capacity;
  • The STCs.

14. Procurement method
An enterprise shall be selected based on the restricted national invitation to tender procedure set forth in this Tender File.

The Contracting Authority shall be called upon to award the contract to the bidder whose offer has largely been deemed compliant with the prescriptions and least evaluated; thereby including, when and where necessary the proposed discounts. Service providers shall not be awarded more than two (02) work sites.

16. Duration of the validity of offers
Bidders shall remain committed by offers for a time-period of ninety (90) days as of the deadline set for the submission of offers.

17. Additional information
Additional information may be obtained, during working hours, from the National Coordination Unit of PNDP, located at Yaounde, Nouvelle Route Bastos, opposite formerUNDP, at a distance of 100 meters from the main entrance; P.O Box 660 Yaounde; Phone N0s : 222 21 36 64; fax : 222 21 36 63; e-mail :

Yaounde, on _____________


The National Coordinator


 Mrs. NGA Marie Madeleine

Copies to:
-Council of Mogode;                                                                            
- STB’s /PNDP’s Chairperson
- Billposting






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