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A new bridge for a new era
A new bridge for a new era
River Mbven in the Mbiame Council area provides water for the inhabitants. It used to also be the source of one of their major worries. The absence of an appropriate bridge over the water body was a major problem for the Mbohtsem and Tanyar villages which it connected. Strong currents during heavy rains deterred the people. 

This devastated residents of the two communities, shooting up their transportation costs considerably. Determined to rid the community of this problem, Mbiame Council raised the sum of 2,098,311 FCFA. With a subvention worth 18,884,803 FCFA from the PNDP being C2D II funds, construction of a new bridge began on January 14, 2014.

 Nine months later Mbohtsem and Tanyar inhabitants could safely cross the river with their farm produce to markets and other communities in the municipality. People from Tanyar now have access to the hospital and other facilities in Mbiame which they hitherto could not easily reach.
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