Afer a long request

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Publié initialement le 10 Mai 2018

Afer a long request
Dighambong Anthony Mvo did not spare any effort, from trips to phone calls during the last months of the year 2017, in order to push forward a cause that had been haulted since February 2017 due to the sharing of the infrastructure of the telephone Companies operating in the locality. Finally, the voice of the mayor and his population is heard, for this reason, the PNDP community radio Project did not spend a franc for the using of the infrastructure (Pylon) ; but will undertake some minimum engagement with H.I.S, the operator who fnally takes charge of the pylon for the radio to function freely. Wum Community radio will definately be installed on January 2018, with the Mayor and collaborator given the confidence to supervise work done. Despite the costly adventure they started some months ago by mobilizing radio staff and paying them Salaries before the radio goes operational. To this effect, a training workshop was organised by PNDP were staff and the management committee of the radio were trained, on the functionning and management process. The workshop also attended by the Fon of Aghem, Fon Mba-Mbi III saw the trainers laying emphasis on how the staff can positively communicate with listener especially during this moment of the ongoing anglophone crises.
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