Breaking the absence of waves

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Publié initialement le 10 Mai 2018

Breaking the absence of waves
This shows the willingness expressed by the Mayor, Francis Kongnyuy (former journalist) to make the Nkor Noni Community radio a reference at the national level by using Communication as a tool for local development. To this eect, he approved the present base of the radio station. Then, Ngaiwi Emmanuel Ndi and Dingeh Jeanette Berka both council stas were transfered as station Manager and Secretary of the radio respectively. They both have well-furnished and modern ofces that can be admired by any senior sta of a Ministry. Newly place furnitures are also found in the waiting and news rooms. Nkor council supported the construction work of the pylon not taking into consideration the well situated nature of the town hall. The Mayor regularly organises training sessions to reinforce the skills of radio sta. With all of these achievement, the team of trainers from PNDP were highly impressed after a training workshop with the radio sta and management committee members, on the 26th of December 2017 were they received training on the professional and managerial functioning of the radio. With trainers like Romanus Ngobesing former journalist and teacher, Micheal Takwi retired telecommunication engineer, mobilized by the PNDP for this purpose, they also reviewed and elaborated the programme guide, broadcasting menu, not leaving out the collection and treatment of information, Journalism, ethics and ideologies, radio animation, management and maintenance of radio equipments.
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