PNDP-North West : Marie Madeleine Nga mets PNDP stakeholders

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Publié initialement le 19 Jan. 2018

PNDP-North West : Marie Madeleine Nga mets PNDP stakeholders

From the 27th to the 29th December 2017, the National Coordinator of PNDP, Madam Marie Madeleine Nga, visited the North West Regional Coordination Unit. Following the ongoing context in the Country, particularly in the North West and South West region, the visit was an opportunity for her to meet with the key stakeholders of the Program in the region: The PNDP staff, the mayors, the Contractors and the Service Providers (Local Support organization). During the working sessions with these actors she said it was to encourage all the stakeholders working in the program, since they are committed despite the ongoing crisis. She particularly observed that the situation did not affect the results of the PNDP in the North West Region. The service providers used the opportunity to present their difficulties in the various activities. For example, some of them requested for additional time to properly complete their contract.

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